Weight Loss Body Tracker

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[This is a digital product you'll download and print. Please be aware. We will not be giving refunds.] 

Stay on track and motivated with this Weight Loss Body Tracker!

Track your body measurements as you go on along your weight loss journey.

Sometimes we can't always rely on the scale so this Weight Loss Body Tracker will be a great way to see how many inches you've lost.

You'll stay motivated by all of the changes you'll see as you go!

Print out this tracker to place in a binder or and stick up on the fridge for easy reference in the kitchen. 

Here's what you get! 

  • 1 Weight Loss Body Tracker

You will receive one PDF file with a total of 1 colored PDF sheet (all 8.5 X11) that is printable!

You will need to open the PDF to view, save or print them. Print as many sheets as you like and share with your family and friends!