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Great Start on KETO!

Love the good way to start your KETO lifestyle! Lots of interesting and useful ideas for your success!

Thanks Jocelyn!

Lots of Chaffles!

I love Chaffles and this gives me ideas for different ones, savory and sweet - yea! Perfect size for a single lady.

Love it!!

Ultimate Keto Bundle
Sydney Jernigan
Great Beginners Guide to Keto

This bundle gave me tons of information about Keto and I am ready so ready to begin!! I loved all the apps and resources to help me along my way!!

Thank you Sydney! Your super thoughtful review means a lot! I’m glad this has help you.

Ultimate Keto Bundle
Tracy Hawkins
Great keto info

I absolutely loved the bundle it has amazing information as well as worksheets. I have been looking at keto for awhile but there was information in the bundle I never came across before.
Thank you

Thank you Tracy! I truly appreciate your review. I’m glad you’re loving it.



Quick + Easy Keto Recipes Cookbook

To the point, quick, and easy to follow. Thank you.


I was a great especially for someone who had not had a clue about keto. It was a great help and inspiration to try new recipes. I would recommend it.

Chris K.

Keto for Beginners: Recipe Cheat Sheets


I am very pleased at all the work put into the cheat sheets and Keto for beginners! It takes the guess work out and allows you to go all in and start your Keto journey!

I'm so glad that the beginners bundle is working for you and it took the guesswork out. Mission accomplished :)

Awesome spreadsheet

It is truly a great product. Once I understood how to add meals and recipes I am now in control. It does live up to the exact expectation of their promise.

Thank you, Connie! I'm so glad to hear you are loving the spreadsheet and it's helping you!


Excellent and visual explanations not too complicated but enough info to make starting Keto easy. Thank you!

Thank you, Michelle! I like keeping it easy :) I'm glad you found it to be uncomplicated!

Hit it out of the ballpark again!!!

Wow is just not strong enough! This Spreadsheet is Ahhmazing!!!!! Within five minutes of downloading I have already completed two days of meal planning. Aesthetically a thing of beauty. The colors are so much fun and well, do you have the time because I can go on and on. Just beautiful and clean. In case you hadn't figured it out, I LOVE THIS!!!!

Olivia, thank you so much for simplifying my life. I am not at all surprised by your attention to detail and well-thought-out creation. It's beautiful and thoughtful. You definitely have your finger on the pulse of each of your customers, understanding what we need before we have even figured it out ourselves. You're simply wonderful! ❤️

Debbie, thank you for your beautiful words! It’s so good to hear that this has already helped you so much. My goal is definitely keeping things easy and I love hearing that I’ve met that goal at least for one person. :) Your review means a lot.

Great info!

I really enjoyed reading the cheat sheets, there were a lot of great ideas in there! I do have a question, though. What is coconut butter? Some of the ingredients I didn’t know what they were and would have liked more info on ingredients.

Hi Kim, thank you for your review and purchase! Coconut butter is basically shredded coconut that has been made into a butter-like consistency. It’s available in most health food stores like Whole Foods, or Amazon. It’s really great for fat bombs!

After many years.....a great reminder

Thank you for re introducing forgotten ideas!!!!

Ultimate Keto Bundle
Margaret Blair
Beginners Bundle

I found the reference materials informative and helpful. I had previously ordered the keto swap bundle so had duplicates in the food ideas. I would like to suggest that the amount of carbs be listed under each food item. I have made several of your items and they are all great. I try to find items with smaller servings as I live alone. Thank you

Everything that Olivia sends out is the best! These are such good items to use when you’re starting out with Keto. I recommend them. Olivia has the best recipes!.

Keto Cheat sheets

I love these cheat sheets very helpful I love it short and sweet!

Thank you! I like to keep it that way ;)

Good information for beginners

The short recipes are perfect to start the Keto process.

Exactly!! Thank you for your review :)

Beginner’s plan very helpful

The recipe cheat sheets are flavorful and easy to make which helps me a lot. I like the idea that the recipes that are smaller as I live alone and can enjoy different dishes.

Thank you for your review! I'm so glad you are liking the recipe cheat sheets and that you like the portion size so you can have a variety of meals :)

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This review has no content.

Keto for Beginners: Visual Guides

Olivia has done all the hard work for you...

I have found keto so overwhelming, there are resources everywhere and everything seems to contradict the previous article I have read! Olivia has done all of the hard work for you and simplified the information to make it relatable and , most importantly, UNDERSTANDABLE. Her resources make it super easy to just dive in and begin your journey with Keto and not get caught up reading one articel after another. Thanks Olivia!

Thank you for this incredibly sweet review! I'm super happy that you're finding my resources to be helpful and non-contradictory ;) :) Keto on!!

Love all things Keto!

Love the Keto recipe cheat sheets. They are so helpful and convenient! Thank you for making my life so much easier with all your Keto information!

Thank you for your detailed review. I'm so glad you're finding them to be helpful and it's making keto life easier for you!

Visual is the Best

You can't go wrong with Olivia's guides. She tells you how much and what to eat. Olivia is on my top list of Keto knowledge. Her recipes will show you! Dawn

Thank you for your incredibly sweet review! I'm so glad you are loving the visual guides :)

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